Is It Time To Update Your IT Portfolio?

“My IT costs too much” is probably the most used phrase amongst CEO’s and CFO’s.  Is it true?  That depends on how well you’ve managed your IT portfolio.  What IT portfolio you ask?  The one that is running your business but you’ve never considered it a “portfolio”.  Just like an Investment portfolio, an IT portfolio, has winners and losers, especially during these economic conditions.  You’ve created this portfolio over the years by adding software, hardware, vendor agreements and people to it in order to support your company’s growth or so you thought.

At CTCi, we believe IT costs should be managed like an investment portfolio.  Not only should you add to that portfolio during upturns but you should also look for key improvements during downturns and add to it as well.  The key to this type of strategy is to know you have the right “investments” in the portfolio and your business is truly leveraging that portfolio for company’s profitability.  CTCi can help you evaluate your IT portfolio through our IT Assessment program and build an IT portfolio that is right for the future growth of your company.  This type of approach to managing your IT costs will help CEO’s and CFO’s know, that their IT, doesn’t cost too much because only the “right” investments for company growth, will be in that portfolio.  For additional information about our IT Assessment or IT Management Consulting service, email or call us at 1 (800) 985-9433 ext.1.