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Advancing InnerKinetics® in Your Workplace

Advancing InnerKinetics: Services


Congratulations on completing the InnerKinetics® in the Workplace - Foundations workshop or the live webinar.  For participants, it will begin a lifetime journey of better understanding themselves, their co-workers and how to build high-performing, synergistic teams.


As powerful as the initial workshop is, we've discovered that the secret to leveraging your investment is to put InnerKinetics® to work in your environment using common interpersonal and management challenges with both employees and clients.  As software deployments have taught us; "if you don't use it, you lose it!" 


As a result, we created "Advancing InnerKinetics® In Your Workplace" using our Transformational Leadership Pathway (TLP™) model of Learn > Experience > Integrate > Execute.


  • Live, bi-weekly, 1-hour team video conferencing sessions led by your workshop instructor

  • Access to "Integrating Your IKP @ Work" Module for self-study and self-discovery

  • Messaging for questions between video conferencing sessions (technology platform to be determined)

  • InnerKinetics® Team Matrix™ (beta) including the ability to compare and contrast 2 team members, help resolve conflicts quickly and promote powerful, collaborative working relationships

  • 48-hour link to view the team coaching session for participants who couldn't attend

  • A monthly virtual briefing between the team leader and the instructor to discuss the progress of the team.


  • Live, bi-weekly, 1-hour team video conferencing sessions promote a deeper understanding and application of InnerKinetics® in your workplace [discover additional focused workshops]

  • Micro-reviews of the powerful principles of InnerKinetics® ensure continuous learning

  • Integration with the "Coach-Approach to Effective Management" 11 core competencies reinforces both the framework and methodology for effective management

  • Virtual team coaching model using video conferencing eliminates geographical constraints and minimizes the negative impact on staff productivity

  • Enables leaders to stay focused on leadership, strategy, and execution of key business objectives while outsourcing staff development to Ascent Leadership Group's coaches and consultants

  • A portion of each session is used to work real-time management challenges within your environment promoting a shared learning experience while building mutual trust and respect for one another

  • Scheduling and implementation support included at no additional charge


  • $125/participant/month (minimum of 6)

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Cancel at any time policy with a 14-day advanced notification before renewal

  • Register your team today by Clicking Here.

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