The World's Most Powerful Framework for Understanding
Human Personality and Performance™

In 2015, the founder and CEO of CTCi Group, John Seville, was introduced to Ray Lincoln, the founder of Ray W. Lincoln & Associates and InnerKinetics® Applications for Personal Growth and Professional Development.  John soon discovered that Ray had over 40 years of experience in executive coaching and consulting and had earned degrees from four universities in New Zealand and Australia including a Ph.D. in Philosophy and a master’s level degree in Psychology.  In addition, Ray had authored 11 books including his seminal work entitled, "INNERKINETICS".

After extensive research and many conversations, the decision was made to integrate InnerKinetics® into the service offerings of the Center for Transformative Coaching, Inc.  Using professional coaching as our methodology and InnerKinetics® as our framework for understanding human personality and performance has proven to be a powerful and unique combination for any executive leader committed to transforming their company into a synergistic; high-performing organization. 

Today, John is one of a small group of professionals certified and licensed to use InnerKinetics® in commercial environments.  John and Ray's friendship continues as well as their collaborative work with many new and exciting projects planned for this year.  When you're ready to get started with a life-changing experience, take the FREE InnerKinetics® Temperament Key by clicking on the button below and emailing your results to  When you do, you will receive an invitation for a FREE 55-min. coaching session focused on how to integrate your InnerKinetics® Profile (IKP™)  with your work KPIs to rapidly advance and accelerate the attainment of your goals.  In addition, Click Here to discover the many high-impact workshops commercially available to your organization.