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InnerKinetics Live Webinars: Welcome


Powerful, Engaging, Presentations delivered through the Convenience of Virtual Technologies



Know Yourself; Understand Others

InnerKinetics®, developed by Dr. Ray W. Lincoln , is based upon the nearly 2,500-year study of temperament and type (dating back to the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates) and the scientific evidence gathered from researching over 60 million assessments.  It is the world's most advanced and validated framework for understanding human personality and performance. 

A basic understanding of InnerKinetics®, gained from this introductory training webinar, will make a huge difference in all of your interactions with people (boss, employees, peers, prospects, clients, etc.)  It is "the edge" that professionals need for the development of their people skills and to make their encounters with others effective, enjoyable, and productive while minimizing conflict and improving direct communication.  InnerKinetics® is the solution for every people-related aspect of your company

  • Live 90-minute webinar presented on the 1st Tuesday morning of every month from 7:00 AM MT to 8:25 AM MT.

  • Presented by John Seville, Certified and Licensed InnerKinetics® Consultant, and CEO of the Center for Transformative Coaching

  • Presented using the latest in virtual interactive technologies

  • 48-hour link to view the webinar session for participants who couldn't attend

  • Participants will receive a PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation.

  • A Certificate of Completion will be awarded at the end of the training and is required for all other workshops in our portfolio

  • ***BONUS*** - 1-pg InnerKinetics® "cheat sheet" available for immediate download when you register


  • Discover the world's most advanced framework for understanding human personality and performance

  • Manage and motivate people with greater clarity and insight from a single 1-Page Cheat Sheet

  • Advance organizational KPIs with a deep understanding of team members' IKPs (InnerKinetics® Profile)

  • Coach your staff on performance issues by taking them to their strengths; not their weaknesses

  • Identify your unique strengths and how to develop them in the workplace

  • Discover how strengths become weaknesses and liabilities. 

  • Minimize or eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors

  • Discover why some of your team members are energized by people while others can feel drained

  • Develop new career strategies from a deeper understanding of your core personality DNA

  • And many others . . .


  • Executives who want to lead their teams and company with greater people-precision

  • Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs who want to leverage their strengths, identify their "Achilles Heel", recruit team members that compliment their InnerKiinetics® Profile (IKP), minimize potential partner conflicts and shorten their time to revenue

  • Directors and managers who want to build high-performing, synergistic teams while minimizing conflict and ineffective direct communication

  • Sales and service professionals who are looking for "an edge" in closing more deals and creating "raving fans" in their client base

  • HR professionals who are looking for a common framework (across the enterprise) for understanding human personality and performance

  • Recruiters who want to better align candidates' personality strengths with a client's "corporate culture" for quicker and permanent placements

  • Executive Coaches who need a personality and performance framework and assessment key for greater effectiveness with clients

  • Professionals who are looking for a better alignment between their core "DNA" (e.g. strengths, preferences, behaviors, etc.) and their career path

  • Leaders who are considering hosting the onsite, 1/2-Day, "InnerKinetics in the Workplace - Foundations" workshop and would like to "vet" the content


  • Price: $39

  • 100% Money-back guarantee

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