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Coaching: Services

“The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources.”   -   Harvard Business Review

Coaching enables and empowers what executives, employees, and clients desire most,  transformation; the insight, and empowerment to function at our highest level and to contribute to the overall success of the company.

Significant and sustainable changes or "breakthroughs" are typically limited to a confidential coaching relationship with a professional that we trust.  A book, webinar, workshop, or conference can provide the transfer of information.  However, they do not provide a transformational pathway for professional development.  This is the exclusive domain of personalized professional coaching made possible through the Ascent Leadership Group.


Precision Executive Leadership™

In many organizations, the CEO is viewed as "The Hammer"; and of course to a hammer everything looks like a nail to be driven.  For engaged executives who desire to lead their organization with authentic power and precision, there is a better way than simply "driving" their employees (and themselves) to perform.  The adoption and implementation of this "better way" is critical to the health and overall success of the company.

Engaged executives also understand the "ripple effect" and that as the primary influence in the organization and the epicenter of all significant and sustainable change, they must first be committed to their own personal and professional development enabled by results-driven executive coaching.

Executives report the following personal benefits . . . 



Greater Than The Sum Of The Parts

A team should be more than the sum of its parts. However, many executive teams are actually less than the sum of their parts; under-utilizing each member's unique combination of strengths and discounting their powerful insights; both of which lead to questionable decisions and low adoption.

Building a high-performing executive team takes focus and intent.  Using our continuous 4-phase approach; Diagnose, Develop, Deploy and Deconstruct coupled with our application of the InnerKinetics® framework for human performance and our coaching methodology, executive teams experience rapid improvements in collaboration and productivity in weeks; not months. Schedule a free "Strategy Session" today by clicking on the button below.



Who's Following You?

True leadership is earned.  It doesn't demand respect; it commands respect.  It is both an innate gift and a combination of skills that are developed over time with perfect practice.  Get started today with our Leadership Baseline Assessments 101-104:

101 - Know Your Strengths

102 - Clarify Your Values

103 - Understand Your InnerKinetics®

104 - Embrace Your 360-Review & Recap



The Expertise To Get The Job . . . Done

Weeks or months ago you never thought you would find yourself in this position.  It all happened so quickly.  One moment you’re at the top of your career and 15 minutes later you've handed in your laptop, company cell phone, keys to your office, security badge and AMEX card and you're being walked out the door.  In just 15 minutes you went from being a trusted employee to a potential security threat to the company and it all happened so quickly.
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